This evening.

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me (2)I didn’t realize that when you make whole wheat bread you should probably mix in a little white flour. We made some whole wheat bread and it was very heavy and had a very strong wheat taste. You couldn’t taste the seasonings that I had put it in due to the strong taste. I found out a few days ago from a friend that they add about 1/3 to ½ of white flour to the mix. Somehow it makes the bread a little difficult to eat.

Anyway, I am not sure if I will try to make it again. I have an appointment soon.

Should You Retire In Another Country ?

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As you look to the future and consider your retirement years there are plenty of decisions you may wan to make. The first one most certainly will be where do we want to spend the rest of our lives? For many the decision has already been made to remain in the house they have lived in and continue living where they have always lived.

Others may be considering getting away from the cold or the high cost of living or any number of other things you might want to get away from. In the US many people who live up north are looking to the south in places like Florida, Arizona, or maybe Texas. 4098-sailboats-anchored-in-the-ocean-by-the-beach-or

However, an increasing number of people are looking beyond the American border and investigating other countries for their retirement years. Places like Nicaragua, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic top that list.

The pros seem to point out the warm climate and low cost of living but have you considered the cons. Any good decision will look at both sides of the equation and this is something everyone considering these places should do before pulling up roots.

Consider the availability of some of the necessities at these tropical paradises. How is the health care? Is there really any available? Costa Rica is said to have some of the best health care available for expatriates but is it convenient?

What about a network of friends and companions? You certainly can make friends in these other countries with a bit of effort and knowing the language but is that something you want to do. You could join a choir and if you need to improve your voice check out the superior singing method review.

Also consider one of the reasons it is so inexpensive to live in these places is because the labor is cheap which usually means poor. Some places have some of these poorer people targeting the rich gringos making it a hazard to be alone.